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 Rules of Conduct & Ethics in the Real Sessions

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PostSubject: Rules of Conduct & Ethics in the Real Sessions   Thu May 17, 2007 9:44 pm

1- We start at 17:00 and end at 20:00 , Please respect our timing ( punctuality )
2- No Interruption
3- Raise your hands when you wanna talk ( Don't raise your hands before feeling that the speaker finished ; not to make him hesitated ) And wait for the staff of moderation to allow you to speak .
4- Please , Share your suggestions , Topics & Ideas for next sessions
5- No embarrassing even if anyone correct your mistakes , If you really wanna improve your English language
6- Share us your games when you have one . ( On condition : there has to be an aim or benefit of the Game )
7- No Laughing on someone's Mistakes ( As we all make mistakes )
8- If you didn't find the words to express what you wanna say , Say it in Arabic and we will translate it
9- No Talking neither in Political nor Religious Stuff
10- You Must restrict to the Rules

For Any other Enquiry Contact the Moderation Staff
Ahmed Belal ( President )
Omar Mohammed ( Moderator )
Hisham Khalil ( Vice President )
Ahmed Magdy ( Vice President )
Ahmed Mamdoh ( Vice President )
Sara Swedan ( Vice President )
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Rules of Conduct & Ethics in the Real Sessions
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