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 by the sea shore-short story

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PostSubject: by the sea shore-short story   Mon Jun 04, 2007 9:45 pm

...When X found himself standing on what looked like a stage in a large theater, with nothin but darkness surroundin him except for a spotlight giving him enuff light to see wats beneath him.

X kept lookin around for an exit, the stage seemed endless..everywhere he ran the spotlight followed him , refusing to let him see whats around him and refusing to let him get lost in the darkness.

Then, when it looked like X is gonna scream askin for help, he found another spot light showing a beautiful brunette gesturing at him. Hoping to find sum answers, X walked slowly toward her. as he moved forward her face became more familiar, he was sure he's seen her before, but where ? and when ?

she looked like an old friend, a past love perhaps. Life goes on, ppl change, faces change..he was sure now he knew her before, just as he became 2 meters far from her. Yes, its her.. "but how ? she is 3000 miles away from me now...!" X wondered to himself as the brunette walked slowly around him. "i know, but i've always been inside you. never been far away from your mind" the brunette replied.

-yes, i never stopped thinking of you.
-me neither.
-oh yea, you left me when you had a chance to stay.
-no, you know i couldn't. dont let ur thinking blind you from facts.
-i was blinded frm facts in the 1st place when i fall in love with you.
-so did cant deny we had a shared dream. we just didnt sleep enuff to complete it.
-even if we did, you cannot take wat you had in dreams with you when you wake up.
-but you had my heart, my life, my future...
-then i woke up.
-"...n u still have them" the brunette replied , with a tear sliding down her cheeks.

X went over her slowly, raising his hands to wipe her tears when another spotlight lightened a piano at the end of the stage, playing a familiar song.

"do u remember wen we used to sing this song together ?" she asked. He smiled and slowly as they started to sing...

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

As they looked into each others eye, little drops of water started fallin over, a sound of waves crushing was heard. she looked down with a smooth laugh n said "it's raining again" . Before he cud reply, the darkness no longer existed. The sky wer quiet gray as a storm wer thunderin' in the far horizon. X was standin' all alone with a rose in his hands, lookin at the crushing waves by the sea shore like thoughts in his mind.

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by the sea shore-short story
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