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 The song that broke up the Band !

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PostSubject: The song that broke up the Band !   Mon Jun 04, 2007 9:35 pm

did u ever heard a song called "bitter sweet Symphony" ???
it's a great song, great music, made by a Band called "the verve",an were an English alternative rock and they consist of :
Richard Ashcroft - Vocalist
Nick McCape - guitarist
Simon Jones - basist
Peter Salisbury - Drummer
They were formed on 1990, had some Albums, not much of success...
till 1997, they made anlbum called "urban Hymns" including the "bitter sweet symphony" song.
For the first time in their careers, the Verve experienced widespread commercial success, the song was so famous and won many awards.
There is other band called "the rolling stones", a great English rock icon from the 60's till now, with
"Mick Jagger" as vocalist and
"Keith Richards" as guitarist
they made an old song during the 70's called "the last time", which was recorded as a symphony by a symphonic band called "Andrew Oldham Orchestra",
"the Bitter sweet" song sampled a part of "the last time song", and from here, a wide famous battle over the song credits began...

Although the song lyrics was Written by "Ashcroft", the lead singer of the verve and their frontman, there was some argument about the song copyright...
Originally, The Verve had negotiated a license to use a sample from the Oldham recording, but it was successfully argued that the Verve had used 'too much' of the sample. Despite having original lyrics, the music of "Bitter Sweet Symphony" was arguably largely based on the Oldham track, which led to a lawsuit with ABKCO, the Co. that owns the the rights to the Rolling Stones material of the 1960s.
The matter was eventually settled, with copyright of the song reverting to ABKCO and songwriting credits to Jagger and Richards of the rolling stones.

After losing the composer credits to the song, Richard Ashcroft commented, "This is the best song [Mick] Jagger and [Keith] Richards have written in 20 years."

The song was later used, against the will of the band, by Nike in a shoe commercial. As a result, it was on the Illegal Art CD from the magazine Stay Free!. The song was also used in a Vauxhall Motors commercial, prompting Ashcroft to declare onstage:
"Don't buy Vauxhall cars, they're s**t".

After the song was used in the movie Cruel Intentions, The Verve filed a copyright suit to make sure the song was not distributed commercially any more. The Verve is said to have not made a penny from the song.
However the band was able to stop further use of the song by employing the European legal concept of moral rights.

Finally, Ashcroft and the band's reaction to the loss of control and financial rewards from what was their most popular song was not positive; and it has been argued long after that the issue contributed to Ashcroft's depression. The band split not long afterwards.
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The song that broke up the Band !
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