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 Black Water to Middle East : How far are they connected

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PostSubject: Black Water to Middle East : How far are they connected   Thu May 31, 2007 10:49 pm

ok,lets see how far you guys are into politics....

wats wid all the words bout mercenaries in iraq n lebanon these days ?

a survey shows bout 400,000 mercenary in iraq, most emplyed by a company called Black Water, specialized in war gears, ships, fighter plans , soldiers...shortly a private army

we know they're responsible for increasing the violence in iraq for religious and economical reasons

the owner of the company belongs to a secret society by the name of "Sicily's Knights" i think, plannin 4 the upcoming military Jesus presence in Iraq, as they claim...and he's well connected to Dick Chenny's Haliburton scandals of stealing iraqis oil and George Bush's ex-Enron scandals of extending pipelines thru afghanistan...

n the question is, how far do u guys think that black water is connected to the assasinations in lebanon ...?

waitin 4 feedback

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Black Water to Middle East : How far are they connected
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